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    yWatcher cydia tweak adds features to protect your iPhone from thieves or someone having sticky fingers.

    Alert Mode: On some occasions,say,restaurants,public libraries and so on, you may tend to put your iPhone on table or desk. Consequently there’s a good chance your iPhone would be took away without your notice. When yWatcher run in Alert Mode your iPhone will give out warning tone to draw your attention if your iphone is took up. Under other situation, maybe you just don’t want people to touch your iPhone without your permission.

    Pocket Mode:If your iPhone is in bag or pocket it will sound after being picked out with yWatcher running in Pocket Mode.it’s especailly useful while you are taking bus or subway.

    After installation you can set gestures to Enable/Disable its working mode in activator’s setting pane.
    yWatcher only works on Lock Screen and after unlocking your device it will be disabled.
    After an incoming facetime or phone call,yWatcher will be disabled and you need to reset its working mode.
    All Enable/Disable operation is very simple,just a finger gesture selected in Activator’s setting pane.There will be a icon on statusbar to indicate current working mode.

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