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    You can enter python code by keyboard , and then you can execut the python code,support the raw_input function.
    You can find learning materials by the built-in browser .
    *You can save python code and learning materials, and can be modified to the save file and delete the save file .
    You can control the background image and color, and execution voice , background animation, text color and shadow, switch interface animation , the number and the order of the main interface of the tab bar to create your learning software.
    You can Learn python knowledge , the system provides some basic learning materials .
    You can use python code or learning materials to generate two-dimensional code , for easy sharing .

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    One response to “YingZhiPython”

    1. guest says:

      No thanks!!! This tweak has put my IpHONE In boot loop and i somehow i manage to solve this and delete this tweak .

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