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    XPasscode cydia tweak allows you to unlock your device in style.

    XPasscode introduces a whole new level of customization in regards to unlocking your device. With XPasscode, anyone can create completly redesign the passcode entry. The possibilities are endless; want to have a playable piano with actual keyboard sounds? You can do that. Want to have a game controller that unlocks your phone with the konami code? You can do that. Want to have a cat that meows when you tap different parts? Of course you can do that.

    What’s unique about Xpasscode as opposed to other forms of theming is that you are no longer limited to the rigid 9-button scheme. You also have complete freedom regarding button placement, appearance, sounds, etc., and entry is no longer based on a strict single entry pass/fail system (this means you can push whatever buttons you like as much as you want, and the phone will still unlock whenever you push them in the correct order). So give it a try see what this powerful tool can do!


    • iPad, iPhone and iPod support
    • iOS 5 and 6
    • Ability to mute, move, disable and more
    • Set your code from within the settings app
    • Includes 4 different themes
    • Animated keypads
    • Keypads with sound
    • Full documentation on how to create your own theme
    • A web applications to help making the theme (work in progress)
    • A dedicated subreddit on www.reddit.com/r/xpasscode
    • Themes downloadable from Cydia and many more places (There might not be many themes just when the tweak is released though)

    Owners of “Piano Passcode” will get a 99c discount. By buying XPasscode you also get “Piano Passcode” for free.

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