Why are Cydia and Cydia Apps Popular?


When Apple introduced the iPhone one thing it did is allow developers to build Programs/Apps for the iphone. Apple knew it couldn’t develop everything app wise or think of what would be popular to make. So when they opened their phone Operating System (iOS) to developers, it brought a new dimension to the iphone experience.

However Apple has always been a very hands on manufacture and developer of their phones and operating systems, keeping in mind the customers experience as a result it checked and verified it app, and while the majority of them were approved there have been many that weren’t, which is one of the reasons that Cydia and Jailbreaking took off. Which was the ability of iPhone owners to customize their iphone but also to explore different functions of the phone and install programs that Apple may have not wanted installed such as the tethering program which allowed

In many ways Cydia was the pioneer for many of the functions and features Apple later introduced like the ability to have mutilpe apps functioning at one time or even the ability to tether which Apple introduced in later version of iOS updates.

Helping Cydia
What is also helping Cydia and Cydia apps gain popularity is many support sites such as OnCydia.com. Since Apple doesn’t formally acknowledge these Apps or allow for proper review sites like OnCydia carry the torch in that regard, reviewing Cydia Apps, offering help and guidance to problems that may arise from installing and operating Cydia on individuals iPhones.

The Futures of Cydia
Will Apple ever become more open in allowing Cydia type Apps into their official iTunes Store? No one knows really, over time they have shown to incorporate many of the more popular features of functions offered through Cydia but have also pushed back against hacks and errors in the code that allowed their phones to be unlocked. In the end only Apple really knows what they are planning to do, in the meantime the Cydia community will keep growing and offering assistances and guidance’s.

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