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    Too many annoying stalkers?! Numbers you can’t identify?! Whozcalling places the answer in the palm of your hands; welcome the genius of innovation and be the first to Know Whozcalling! Get the caller’s ID on your screen even if he wasn’t saved in your contact list. Whozcalling requires 3G connection or Wifi.

    WhozCalling the new popular App. Is a cross-platform mobile App, which allows you to effectively monitor your incoming calls and SMS, by knowing any caller’s ID even if he wasn’t saved in your contact list. Say Goodbye to all the unidentified numbers bothering you. And know the name of the person calling you.

    WhozCalling is an easy-use free application that works on Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Android devices, as long as you are on 3G connection or Wifi.

    In the Call histories of the application, just click on a log and you will be able to add it to your contact book

    Options & history available in the icon added to the home screen.

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