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    Watusi cydia tweak is an all in one tweak for WhatsApp Messanger.


    • Freeze LastSeen
      Doesn’t update your lastseen when you open WhatsApp. You won’t be able to see others as Online but you will see their last Lastseen.
    • Read Receipts
      Other people will not see that you have received their messages. (NOTE: you will receive the messages again when WhatsApp is closed from Background, this is server sided and not held on the device)
    • Status Length
      Increase status length from 139 to 256 characters.
    • Profile Photo Fit
      Fit your photos to the box when changing picture.
    • Unlimited Photos Selection
      Select unlimited number of photos when sending.
    • Always Connected
      Always show as connected to enable Send button while offline. (Same as Android)
    • Ask for call
      Always ask before calling someone using the call button.
    • Dark Keyboard
      Change your keyboard color to dark style.
    • Disable Landscape
      Disable landscape mode even if device rotation is enable.
    • Hide Timestamps
      Hide messages timestamps
    • Change Font
      • Text Color
      • URL Color
      • Text Size
    • Change Usage Statistics
      • Received Messages
      • Sent Messages
      • Media Bytes Sent
      • Media Bytes Received
      • Message Bytes Sent
      • Message Bytes Received
      • Last Reset Date

    The package includes two Flipswitch for LastSeen and Read Reciept to turn them on/off from Control Center.

    Configure options from settings.

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    One response to “Watusi”

    1. Aquarianfin says:

      You won’t be able to see others last seen.. Please correct description.

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