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Watchdog Lite

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    8.x or more
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    Watchdog Lite cydia tweak allows applications run in the background. This is the trial version.

    This can be used for:

    • Downloading large files
    • Twitch TV background audio streaming
    • Uploading large files
    • Preventing applications from suspending such as SmartWatch+ or WhatsApp
    • Keeping games loaded while using other applications

    Watchdog lite is limited to backgrounding a maximum of two applications at the same time.

    The full version of Watchdog is currently in beta.
    Features included in the full version are:

    • Auto Launch
    • Activator Support
    • Allowing applications to continue running in the background after termination
    • Allowing backgrounding of more than two applications at the same time

    Watchdog will be available on the BigBoss repository in the near future.

    Configure options from Settings.

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