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Wallpaper Cyclr

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    6.1.2 or more
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    Ever wanted to have a wallpaper slideshow on your device?
    Enjoy the fine artistic taste that comes in the form of Tumblr?
    Can’t decide on a wallpaper of your own?

    If you answered yes (or any variant thereof), then this is the tweak for you!

    Wallpaper Cyclr will get a random image from Tumblr using tags you set and then use it as your wallpaper (homescreen and lockscreen), with the option to “cycle” it out for a new image at set intervals (or manually change it if needed/wanted).

    To use, install, and then open up the settings app and go to “Wallpaper Cyclr” and configure some options there.
    Some of the features of Wallpaper Cyclr include:
    The ability to set a number of tags to use, and then Wallpaper Cyclr will get random tags up to that number to use for the search, so you will end up with different combinations of image results. (A bit of variety never hurt anyone right?)
    Choice of times to cycle the wallpaper, ranging between 1 to 12 hours.
    Manual cycling of a wallpaper, for when you don’t like what Wallpaper Cyclr got the first time.
    A button in the settings app to open the wallpaper in Tumblr (via Safari), in case you want to share it or save it on your device.

    Now, you may notice that an hour has passed, but your wallpaper hasn’t changed. The reason for this is that Wallpaper Cyclr assumes that the most common action you do is unlock the device, so, to be battery/cpu efficient, it only checks to see if an hour has passed when the device is unlocked — meaning, to see a change if you haven’t already, lock and then unlock the device. I will look for better ways to do this, but for now, this seems very logical of a way to do this.

    Tested on 6.1.2, that is the officially supported firmware. More testing will be done on older firmwares at a later time.

    Configure options from Settings.

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