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    WakeTrace cydia tweak is the first jailbreak application for HealthKit.

    Do you have Health App on your device? Maybe you noticed that you have a sleep section, but you don’t know how to add sleep data automatically yet.. It could be harmful for you and your phone leaving the device switched on all night long with certain apps running.. Use WakeTrace! WakeTrace is a tweak that, every time you are about to turn off your phone, asks you if it can record the precise moment when you shutdown the device. This is the idea: you’re going to sleep, so you shutdown the phone. Couldn’t be easier! WakeTrace will ask you when you turn on the device, if you want to store the start and the end of the sleep time directly in the Health app! Track your sleep and make your Health information complete.
    Let WakeTrace take care of your health. It’s worth it.

    After installing I suggest you to open immediately WakeTrace app in order to grant access to HealthKit app. Then see WakeTrace instructions in the settings.app

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