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    Tell the time using phone vibrations. Have you ever wanted to be able to conveniently check the time without having to take the phone out of your pocket? For example, while watching a movie, sitting in a meeting, or in a social situation where it would be awkward for you to look away and check the time? VibeTime is the perfect app for this, as it allows you to check the current time while the phone is still in your pocket.

    Simply activate VibeTime by pressing the button combination (designated in Activator) and your phone will vibrate the time out. Each digit in the time is represented by a different vibration pattern. VibeTime must be set to an action in Activator in order for it to work. Look in Settings->VibeTime for more information about the vibration patterns.

    Configure options from Settings

    Use Activator to set it as an action

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