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Unlock your iPhone using Gevey Sim

gevey 6 promo

You don`t have to wait anymore for an iPhone unlock solution to be launched! GeveyStore is a team of professionals that has all the items you need in stock, so you don`t have to wait for them to be available! It`s really easy to use and setup and you will be 100% satisfied with your “new” phone.
The main difference between an unlock using Gevey Sim and a permanent unlock is that you will pay less for the same thing! You can still use your iPhone as a phone, you can still have an internet connection and you will never feel a difference! Why paying more then?
Now you will ask “what about devices running iOS 6”? Well, guess what? You can use Gevey Sim for iOS6 too! Order right now your Gevey Ultra-S for iPhone 4S running iOS 6 and “unleash” that beast! Use your iPhone 4S as it was supposed to – an awesome smartphone.
As Gevey Store says on their about page“We are experts on Gevey cards and we have grown a real good friend and costumer base with our costumers around the world.”
So keep in mind that they ship Gevey Sims worldwide! If you live in Europe, your Gevey Sim should arrive in 4-5 working days via CTT Postal Services, because GeveyStore is based in Portugal. Also, no fees will be applied.
If you live in countries outside Europe, you will have to wait just 5 to 10 working days for your Gevey Sim to arrive.
You can ask questions anytime about Gevey Sim on twitter or just follow their posts by going to Gevey Sim official account.
So, as a conclusion, you should really use GeveyStore! It`s a reliable company that tests their products beforehand multiple times and it provides quality products for your needs, even if you live on the other side of the world.

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