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Universal TV

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    Universal TV cydia tweak is the ultimate app to watch TV from any of your mobile devices without the need for any external hardware.
    With a variety of channels from different countries you can have at your fingertips TV in your favorite language at any time and from anywhere.

    Here are the main features of the application:

    • The system automatically detects the speed of your internet connection in order to provide a broadcast according to your speed and try to make the display the most fruitful as possible.
    • You can view a duplicate of the channel using your Apple TV via AirPlay.
    • All channels are categorized in order to find them more easily.
    • Channel searches are conducted so you can instantly check the available channels as you type.
    • If you want to save any of the channels can do so by adding it to your favorite channels.
    • You can share the channel you are viewing using your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Email).
    • If you like a channel please propose a rating of 1 to 5 stars.
    • You can make a channel zapping easily sliding your finger on the player to the left to return to the previous channel and right to proceed with the next channel we call this “SlideZapping”.
    • All channels have a small preview of what you are getting in it, these previews are updated every three minutes.
    • If you want to search by country simply enter the name of the country in the search bar eg (Spain => EspaƱa, United States => United States).

    Note that the channels are broadcast on live application but may be a slight delay as opposed to standard television. There are also cases in which the networks decide to broadcast different programs that we have in standard television because they do not have the rights to do it via mobile.
    Mobile TV consumes large amounts of data so if you do not have unlimited connection is recommended that you connect to a Wi-Fi.

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