How to update Pangu for iOS 8

Published on October 27, 2014, by Jenny A

A new update was just pushed by Pangu Team for the iOS 8 Pangu jailbreak. Here is a short tutorial on how to apply it right now from your device.

This update brings fixes for iMessage, Safari and Cydia Substrate loading. The actual version can`t be downloaded right now (Pangu app is still at version 1.0.1), but here are the steps required to update Pangu if you already jailbroken your device.

Note: You don`t need to have a passcode set, because this might cause a boot loop.

How to update Pangu for iOS 8

  1. Enter Pangu app from your device
  2. Go to Manage tab and you should see the update like on the image down below

    Pangu iOS 8 update

  3. Tap the download button and after the alert that asks you if you want to update (Click YES), the update process should start. You will just have to reboot after by pressing the button.

    Pangu iOS 8 update   Pangu iOS 8 update

3 responses to “How to update Pangu for iOS 8”

  1. George Gabunia says:

    don’t update you will lose everyrhing. it stuns on apple logo.

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