How to remove PP app from iOS 8 Jailbreak

Published on October 24, 2014, by Jenny A

This is a simple tutorial that will show you how to remove PP app from iOS 8 Pangu Jailbreak.

If you are like me, and accidentally forgot to uncheck the PP checkbox (or it just ignored your selection), don`t worry. It`s not the end of the world! You can still remove the PP app after you install cydia.

How to remove PP from Pangu Jailbreak

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap Sources – Edit – Add
  3. Type in and add this source
  4. Go to Search and type in Complete PPSync Remover and then install it
  5. A reboot might be required, but if it`s not – go to Installed – Recent and scroll the list for PP 2.0 (as shown in the image down below)

    PP 2 pangu 8 jailbreak

  6. Once you found it, you can tap on it and you should get this screen that allows you to remove the package

    PP 2.0 Pangu 8 remove

  7. Reboot your iDevice. The PP 2.0 app should be removed.

3 responses to “How to remove PP app from iOS 8 Jailbreak”

  1. Rogerio Fernandes says:

    And how can i install it??

  2. Montel G says:


  3. Zee Ga Lean says:

    Complete ppsync remover can’t reboot and I can’t see pp also ……what should I do?

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