How to have a sleep timer on your iPhone

Published on August 27, 2015, by Jenny A

If you like listening to the music while sleeping, I will show you how to set a sleep timer on your iPhone! This could save battery life while you are sleeping.

How to set a sleep timer on your iPhone

Step 1

Once you found the right playlist or maybe an YouTube video compilation with your favorite songs and hit the play button, head over to the clock app on your device.

Step 2

In your clock app, head over to Timer on the bottom right corner.

Notice that you can click on the When Timer Ends button.

Once you did that, please scroll down until you see Stop Playing.

Step 3

Select the Stop Playing option and press the Set button on the upper right corner.

You are almost done! Once you set the number of minutes you want to turn your music/video off, press the big Start button and let the show begin!

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