How to downgrade a tweak from Cydia

Published on July 13, 2015, by Jenny A

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to downgrade a tweak from Cydia.

In the latest update of Cydia (version 1.1.23) – saurik added a new feature, allowing you to downgrade a cydia tweak to an older version.

This comes to help out the jailbreak community, by allowing to go back “in time”, because in some cases a new cydia tweak update will break its initial functionality or can cause troubles to your device.

Below is a picture with all the steps required to downgrade a tweak from Cydia:


Step 1: Go to the cydia package you wish to downgrade.
Step 2: Press Modify (top right corner).
Step 3: Press Downgrade.
Step 4: Chose the version you wish to downgrade to.

This is still a new feature and my guess is that in the future, the developers will have the chance to upload older version(s), so that you can actually use this (since right now only Cydia has the option to downgrade).

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