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TryGpsOut5 for iOS 5+

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    5.x or more
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    TryGpsOut can transmit Iphone’s GPS data to external Bluetooth device (for example; iPad with BTstack GPS installed). You can view GPS data on the second device.
    And it can not run background. If you exit the trygpsout5 , it can not transmit Iphone’s GPS data to external Bluetooth device. When using trygpsout5.com , you can press the power button for saving power.

    If you need this for iOS 4, please download TryGpsOut for iOS 4.x

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    2 responses to “TryGpsOut5 for iOS 5+”

    1. Chess says:

      Just bought this, but when is start it, it keeps loading my system GPS data behind the client state: ‘init…..’
      That’s all he does, nothing else om the screen, and I can’t switch the trygpsout button either.

      Any solution?


    2. CydiaTweaks says:

      Sorry, i don`t have any solution. Try contact them.

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