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    TraceYou cydia tweak – server version for Copy9 application.
    We had developed Copy9 (since 3 years ago) to make the parent take care their children or to let someone to find the true from cheating spouses. (Almost our customer are happy. Maybe the price is a little expensive than other products but we offer 3 devices for 1 account. Other products offer 1 device for each account. So at the end we has a lower price compared on multiple devices.

    TraceYou cydia tweak features

    • Passcode: you can set passcode for TraceYou (Default passcode is: 1111)
    • No need to enter (login) everytime you want to view log.
    • Multiple accounts and Profiles: If you have many Copy9 accounts, you can add accounts one time and for
    • next times you just select which account you want view the logs.

    • You are able to back up the logs by sending it to your email box. Export data to TXT (CVS) file.
    • View the logs (old logs) without internet connection.
    • Have ability to trace GPS realtime (for example every 10 seconds).
    • Multiple languages (now support English only).
    • You can Share GPS Info or Photo Log by Email/SMS.

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