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    Totarya cydia tweak is the Most Wanted Share Tweak Ever For iDevices.

    i’m iDevices user like anyone, use chat apps and others..
    but if i wanna send attachments like photos through an application…
    i have to do a lot of steps open choose close edit send…
    WOW it took longtime…

    My Totarya Features For the First Release….

    1 – Send Tweet
    2 – Post On Facebook
    3 – Send Photos
    4 – Share Music o.O

    as you see 4 from the most important options are added in the first version….

    and the interesting Option is Share Music…
    it will let you share music to any app supports opening Music Extensions…

    Customisation Options :

    1 – changing view background color
    2 – changing square background color
    3 – changing icons style
    4 – changing text color

    Hope you like it ;)

    Configure options and activation method from Settings app.

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