Top 10 Cydia Tweaks released last week

We are starting today a new section here on BCT – Top 10 Cydia Tweaks released last week, and we will feature the most important cydia tweaks released in the last 7 days by giving you small information about them. Just in case you missed something important.
Stars of the show: Abstergo, Accentify, Atom, BannerImage, FB Chat Heads Enabler, FullImage, LockscreenToggles, Message Box, Prime, PullAll


Abstergo cydia tweak allows you to manage your notifications better by providing notification reminders and an easier way to clear out notifications. You can either clear them one by one or you can just slide down on your lockscreen and use the clear all option.
By setting notification reminders on your iDevice, you make sure to never miss out an important Mail, Call, SMS or whatever your notification is for.
Abstergo cydia tweak price: $1.99


Accentify cydia tweak allows you to change the iOS UI color by choosing from over 8 colors. Accentify works using native iOS API (this means it will work over the entire OS) and does not require WinterBoard.
Accentify cydia tweak price: $0.99


Atom cydia tweak extends the use of your iDevice lockscreen by letting you choose between any 6 applications you want to launch, right from your lockscreen using an Android like gesture. Really easy to configure, Atom is one of my favorite lockscreen cydia tweaks ever! If you love unlocking your device as fast as possible, then you must buy Atom. You can unlock your device in 1 second with a quick flick-up gesture.
Atom cydia tweak price: $1.99


BannerImage cydia tweak allows you to change your banner notifications by customizing the background image, text color and even more. It`s just an awesome way to customize more your iOS UI.
BannerImage cydia tweak price: $1.49

FB Chat Heads Enabler

FB Chat Heads Enabler is just a simple cydia tweak that enables Chat Heads on Facebook 6.0 application if you don`t have this feature already. Don`t worry, Facebook will provide this feature to everyone anytime soon.
FB Chat Heads Enabler cydia tweak price: Free


FullImage cydia tweak allows you to maximize the zoom amount you can make into a photo from your Camera Roll. Setting the maximum zoom amount can be set in the
FullImage cydia tweak price: Free


LockscreenToggles cydia tweak is dream came true! An iOS 7 quick toggles lockscreen concept available right now on your iDevice. Just swipe to the left of your lockscreen clock and you can access quick toggles. Swipe down on the toggles interface to rearange the order.
LockscreenToggles cydia tweak price: $0.99

Message Box

Message Box cydia tweak enables Facebook Chat Heads anywere in the iOS. If you are into Facebook chatting, this might be a great feature to add, because you can easily acces any “chat head” from your iDevice.
Message Box cydia tweak price: Free


Prime cydia tweak makes your recent calls easier to notice by colorizing the list in three different colors. Basically, prime cydia tweak just adds a blue color for incoming calls and green for outgoing calls. The missed calls remain red.
Prime cydia tweak price: Free


PullAll is a neat cydia tweak that brings the iOS 6 mail app pull to refresh animation in your iOS. You can see this in action by refreshing an website in chrome, safari etc or even the built-in web browser in facebook and twitter apps.
PullAll cydia tweak price: $1.00

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