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Top 10 Cydia Tweaks released last week (May 27 – June 02)


Just in case you missed something important, here are Top 10 Cydia Tweaks released last week (May 27 – June 02).
Stars of the show: AltKeyboard, iYoutubeReplay, LockToggle, NewsTask, No Page Bounce, OpenOnSearch, PadClock, TranslucentStatusBar for Safari, TwitPlaying, Volume Amplifier.


AltKeyboard cydia tweak allows you to quickly type non-alphabetic characters from your default iDevice keyboard without having to switch back & forth between the keyboard modes. Just flick up on a key to input its alternate special char (displayed at the top of the key)
AltKeyboard cydia tweak price: $0.99


iYoutubeReplay cydia tweak is a tweak for the official YouTube.app that automatically replays the video when it finishes playing.
iYoutubeReplay cydia tweak price: Free


LockToggle cydia tweak provides quick and easy toggles on your lockscreen.
LockToggle cydia tweak price: Free


NewsTask cydia tweak prevents newsstand from showing in the multitasking bar. Magazines and newspapers will still show in the switcher.
NewsTask cydia tweak price: Free

No Page Bounce

No Page Bounce cydia tweak removes the rubber band effect on the home screen of your iDevice by disabling all the page bounces in springboard.
No Page Bounce cydia tweak price: Free


OpenOnSearch cydia tweak allows you to open the first listing in spotlight by pressing the search button on the keyboard.
OpenOnSearch cydia tweak price: Free


PadClock cydia tweak allows you to replace the original date picker from the clock.app with a number pad.
PadClock cydia tweak price: Free

TranslucentStatusBar for Safari

TranslucentStatusBar for Safari cydia tweak brings black translucent bar style for Safari.
TranslucentStatusBar for Safari cydia tweak price: Free


TwitPlaying cydia tweak
TwitPlaying cydia tweak price: requires the official Twitter app from AppStore and using it, you can compose a Now Playing tweet. Just tap once anywhere beside the location button inside compose tweet and you`re ready to go.
TwitPlaying cydia tweak price: Free

Volume Amplifier

Volume Amplifier cydia tweak maniuplates the speaker audio stream and amplifies your volume by up to 200%. This cydia tweak does not alter a specific OS configuration file but the audio stream.
Make a phone call, click the volume + button until you see the Amplifier bar appears on the volume popup.
Volume Amplifier cydia tweak price: $0.99

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