Top 10 Cydia Tweaks released last week (May 20 – May 26)

Just in case you missed something important, here are Top 10 Cydia Tweaks released last week (May 20 – May 26).
Stars of the show: App Activate, Badger, Background Manager, DimInCall, FrontFlash, FXOSLock, InstaVelox, iMusicShare for Notification Center, PairLock, QuickGestures.

App Activate

App Activate cydia tweak allows you to assign Activator actions to double tapping an app icon.
App Activate cydia tweak price: Free


Badger cydia tweak allows users to view notification directly from app/folder icons right on their home screen. Using a custom activation method, the Badger window will show app and allow you to swipe to delete notification, quick reply to iMessages/SMSs and more.
Badger cydia tweak price: $0.99

Background Manager

Background Manager cydia tweak brings back true multitasking on your iDevice, allowing you to decide what apps to run in the background (for real).
Background Manager cydia tweak price: $0.99


DimInCall cydia tweak dims the screen right after a call connection is established in order to avoid the proximity sensor failure. You can light up the device by either pressing the home or lock button or moving away from your device.
DimInCall cydia tweak price: $1.99


FrontFlash cydia tweak allows you to simulate flash on front-facing camera, even for iPad. By flashing the screen with some white color at maximum brightness, will provide you the best illumination for your photos.
FrontFlash cydia tweak price: Free


FXOSLock cydia tweak is a new lockscreen slider that allows you to unlock or enter your camera in a pretty nice way – right from your lockscreen.
FXOSLock cydia tweak price: $0.99


InstaVelox cydia tweak is a Velox cydia tweak addon for use with Instagram.
InstaVelox cydia tweak price: Free

iMusicShare for Notification Center

iMusicShare for Notification Center cydia tweak allows you to share right from the Notification Center the song that you are currenty playing. This cydia tweak also comes with a mini player so you can share and control your music in the same time – right from your iDevice notification center.
iMusicShare for Notification Center cydia tweak price: $1.49


PairLock cydia tweak is a simple app to lock pairing, so new devices will not be able to pair with your iDevice until pairing is unlocked.
PairLock cydia tweak price: $1.99


QuickGestures cydia tweak provides Android style swipe & hold gestures for Contacts, Phone and Messages.
QuickGestures cydia tweak price: $0.99

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