Top 10 Cydia Tweaks released last week (April 29 – May 5)

Just in case you missed something important, here are Top 10 Cydia Tweaks released last week (April 20 – May 5).
Stars of the show: Athena, Define, FullScreen Album Art, GoogleNowEnabler, Luna, LSMusicSeek, Piano Passcode, TapTweetPlus, Velox, QuickCompose.


Athena cydia tweak allows you to customize the look of iOS icons. With many options to choose from, you can make iOS look like you always wanted to. Options to choose from: Color Scheme, Intensity, Blend Mode and Alpha.
Athena cydia tweak price: $0.99


Define cydia tweak allows you to place a search bar in your Notification Center. A built-in dictionary can help you out right from the NC.
Define cydia tweak price: Free

FullScreen Album Art

FullScreen Album Art cydia tweak allows you to have fullscreen AlbumArt on the lockscreen of your iDevice. If you like listening to music on your device, this is a sweet addition to the native music app.
FullScreen Album Art cydia tweak price: Free


GoogleNowEnabler cydia tweak allows you to enable Google Now in any country that doesn`t have this enabled as default.
GoogleNowEnabler cydia tweak price: Free


Luna cydia tweak provides a new way to enable or disable Do Not Disturb mode. The cool part is that this works both on lockscreen and notification center.
If you use Do Not Disturb, you should really check this cydia tweak out.
Luna cydia tweak price: $1.99


LSMusicSeek cydia tweak allows you to replace the volume slider from the lockscreen with a seek slider for the music app that allows you to skip or adjust the song time.
LSMusicSeek cydia tweak price: Free

Piano Passcode

Piano Passcode cydia tweak is one of my favorites! I always had a thing for piano and using this tweak just makes me wonder why Apple didn`t considered adding this as an option. Using Piano Passcode you can unlock your device by “playing” on a piano. You can hear what you`re playing and this makes it a great tweak. You can customize the song in Just respring and you`re ready to go.
Piano Passcode cydia tweak price: $0.99


TapTweetPlus cydia tweak provides an easy way to share on twitter the song you are playing. Just tap the music note and you`re ready to tweet. It`s that simple!
TapTweetPlus cydia tweak price: Free


Velox cydia tweak is one of the “Most Wanted” cydia tweaks of 2013. Using Velox you can perform application actions right from the home screen, without opening them. Swipinig on the app will launch an interface (folder-like) that contains features for that app.
Velox cydia tweak price: $1.99


QuickCompose cydia tweak allows you compose new SMS, iMessages, Tweets or Emails on the go, right from the Notification Center. It`s an effecting shortcut that allows you saving precious time.
QuickCompose cydia tweak price: Free

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