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Timer Options

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    Perfect tweak to set actions with timer via Activator.

    First when you will do the activator action you been chosen there will show you alert with option to insert how many time you want the timer will be. In the settings page you can choose what time option you want to do 1-hours and minuets, 2-minuets and seconds. Then you need to choose what action you want to do. And when the timer will get to 0 the action will be done!

    There more then 15 actions: Power down, Safe mode, Reboot, Respring, Screenshot, Open app Via AppList, New mail, Vibrate, Toggle music, Toggle wifi, Banner test, Speak text, Mute, Lock, Unlock, And more will come soon.

    Enjoy it.

    And please don’t crack this tweak I really need the money to buy an MacBook to keep developing.

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