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    Did you ever want to know how much time is left until your alarms? Or wouldn’t it be great if you could see the remaining time until your alarm, instead of the repeating ‘Alarm’ title? If so, then TimeForAlarm is the tweak for you, as it displays a live countdown to your alarms right in the clock app, just below the time in which the alarms will be invoked. TimeForAlarm will dynamically show how many days, hours, minutes or seconds are left until your alarm. Many thanks to mav3rick for giving me this idea trough the iDownloadblog comments section and making this tweak the first tweak to be created thanks to the iDownloadblog comments section.
    No options to configure.

    INFO: Because of how the clock app works 2 things must be taken into notice,
    1. If you change the details of an alarm you will have to wait 2-3 seconds for the app to make these changes,
    2. If you add an alarm you will have to close the clock app from the multitasking section and open it again.

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