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Tencent Mobile Manager Pro

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    Tencent Mobile Manager Pro is a mobile security utility provides a one-stop solution for your mobile’s safety, management and maintenance!

    Tencent Mobile Manager Pro

    • Incoming call and SMS blocking: blocking spam sms and incoming call intelligently and automatically.
    • Traffic data monitoring: monitoring traffic data in real time, controlling your cost for the traffic data, stopping unexpected Internet connection of apps.
    • System optimizing: One-click releasing background processes, cleaning junk files and cache.
    • Fast-access assistant: Upgrade the AssistiveTouch to support 12 shortcut functions, including switches of Wi-Fi, data, flight mode, location service, etc.
    • Privacy protection: Protecting your private information, photos and apps with App Hiding and Secret Space
    • Communication Supplement: Number Attribution. Vibration while your outgoing call is answered.
    • Security Risk Defense: Defending latest system vulnerability
    • Hardware rating: let you know the status of your mobile swiftly, and obtain the rank of your mobile’s performance.
    • System Information: Check your system information like RAM, CPU and disk usage
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