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    TaskMaster makes use of the empty space of search page and fills it with awesome system controls, system information, quick compose buttons, and more in one view

    At the top of taskmaster you have the media controls and music information, with information about the currently playing song, such as titles of the song, album, artist, and an artwork of the album

    At the middle of taskmaster you have an instant access to important system functions such as brightness and volume. Also you have big variety of system controls letting you enable and disable system functions really fast, saving you the trip to settings.

    At the bottom of taskmaster you have quick compose buttons letting you to compose Facebook posts, tweets, emails, massages in a tap of a button. Also, you can find out all the info you need about your device in an instant just by swiping the bottom of the view.

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    One response to “TaskMaster”

    1. ByTheWay says:

      This tweak isn’t free, it’s 1.99

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