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    TapToUnlock7 cydia tweak creates a custom button for unlocking your iDevice.

    Customizable Button:

    • Change the color
    • Change the text
    • Add/Remove border
    • Use an image as the button
    • Change height and width
    • Change text font size
    • Change opacity

    Image Use:
    – To theme TapToUnlock7 by using an image, it must be placed in the folder /Library/Application Support/TapToUnlock7/Contents/
    – It requires to images the non-retina one and the retina image (‘FILE_NAME’@2x.png)

    Tap Anywhere:
    – Turning on Tap Anywhere allows the user to tap anywhere on the screen to unlock one’s iDevice. (This removes the button and replaces it with the original slider, will change in later version)

    Disable Default Unlock:
    – Gives the user the option to keep the slide to unlock along side the tapping function.

    – Should be compatible with other lock screen tweaks depending on how the tweak is configured in settings. Customize anyway you like to make it work with your favorite lock screen tweak!
    (If it causes crashing with another tweak, report it to me and I’ll see what I can do to fix it)

    Please do not pirate this tweak! Help support my Prom fund!

    Options are configured in settings.

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