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TapToScroll for Activator

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    TapToScroll for Activator cydia tweak makes using status bar based Activator events inside apps with scroll views more pleasant.

    If an Activator action is assigned to the position on the status bar you just tapped, the view will always scroll to the top, even if the only thing you wanted to do was to trigger the Activator action (without scrolling).

    This tweak permanently disables the native tap-anywhere-on-the-status-bar to scroll up behaviour, and instead provides a specific user-customisable Activator listener for scrolling to the top (which can be configured in Activator’s own settings panel); as you might expect, by default this is assigned to tapping once on the middle of the status bar. An Activator listener for scrolling to the bottom is also provided.

    It is worth noting that the disabling of the native scroll behaviour may not work in a handful of apps out there. I recommend using this in combination with FullScroll or Monocle for best results. There are no other options to configure and no icon on the SpringBoard.

    Configure Activator from Settings.

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