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Stopwatch Pro

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    Stopwatch Pro cydia tweak allows you to save & manage times in Clock app.

    Stopwatch Pro is an amazing new tweak that adds the feature that I’m sure many people have wanted from apple for a long time. The ability to save your times in the stock iOS Clock app! Finally you can save manage and even group together your times which makes this great for working out!

    No longer will you have to write down times with a pen you can’t find, or quickly switch apps to write it in the Notepad app fumbling as you go! This is a quick easy solution to where you just hit “Save” in the stopwatch portion of the app. Then, when you have your time, you can switch to the new tab at the bottom where you can see, organize and group all times. Just drag and drop in edit mode to put certain times with others in there own Sections that you can rename, ex: “100m Sprints”, and you will never lose your time! Simple as that! It even records the date so you can track your progress over time.

    Of course, this isn’t just for running and workouts. Have you ever tried to time yourself racing someone? Skateboard, Ripstick, snowboard, canoeing, skiing, sailing, whatever! It doesn’t even have to be racing! At some point, you’ll need to be able to save a time you recorded and you’ll regret not downloading this.

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