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    StickerMe cydia tweak brings facebook stickers in Messages app!

    ATTENTION: It requires you to have a Facebook account and Facebook’s Messenger app.

    Only for iMessage conversations.

    Enable in Settings!

    1. You need a Facebook account
    2. You need Facebook’s Messenger app. The app is for managing the stickers, you don’t need to use it almost at all if you don’t like it
    3. Open Messenger, open/start any conversation and tap on the smiley face to reveal the stickers. Each time you do this, the stickers will be synced and will be available in the Messages app.

    Animated stickers will show up as a regular attachment to your conversation partner(s) if the do not have the tweak installed so if you want to send them the static version of the sticker go to the Details of the conversation and change the “Animated sticker” switch as seen in the screenshot.

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