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Stepper 2 (iOS 8)

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    Stepper 2 (iOS 8) cydia tweak measures your step count without the need to open an app for that. This tweak is a must for people who like to keep track of their health.

    Stepper 2 offers a dozen options to customize your experience via Settings:

    • Show the step count on the lockscreen in a neat bubble
    • Replace ‘slide to unlock’ with the step count
    • Show the step count in the status bar (you can also customize the separator between time and the step count)
    • Get a notification when you reached your daily goal (for sure you can set a custom daily step goal)
    • Get a reminder notification with your steps taken and your daily goal at a specific time you can set individually
    • Set the time period from when the steps should get fetched from (from only today up to seven days in the past)
    • Custmize the appearance of the bubble on the lock screen (such as where to show the bubble, how big it should be and how it should be colored)
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