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    SSHMediaControls cydia tweak allows you to control various media and volume tasks over SSH.

    Scenario: You’re sitting at your computer. Your phone is across the room charging. You’re also listening to your favorite Music on your phone. Your phone is pumping out hit after hit when all of a sudden a dud. Normally you’d have to get up to skip to the next track. Not anymore.

    SSHMediaControls is a command line remote control for your iDevice. There are 2 sets of commands. Actions and Returns, The actions do things like change the track or set the volume. The returns delivers various track information, like title or artist, back to the console.

    The best part, for those who aren’t comfortable with the command line, there are 2 projects under development that use SSHMediaControls as a Remote Control for your Desktop. One written for Windows, the other written in Java that works on Mac, Windows or Linux. More information can be found at my website http://cydia.rob311.com

    Instructions: SSH into your device as mobile user. (OpenSSH required). On the command line type: media and your command ex “media vol+”, “media next” or “media title”. Type media -h or visit my site for a full list of commands.

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