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    This tweak will make your device speak so you will no longer need to manually check who is writing you a message.
    It’s a good companion to Siri, but Siri is not required.

    The new version of SpeakEvents comes with vastly improved features which makes it the best speaking tweak in Cydia!


    • Full bluetooth headset support (also pauses music)
    • Reads e-mail/sms/iMessage bodies
    • Speaks time every 15, 30 or 60 minutes
    • Localized into 14 languages! (English, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Arabic, Spanish, German, Turkey, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese)
    • Automatic language/voice detection
    • Speaks system alarm and timers
    • Speaks incoming calls (phonetic name if possible)
    • Reads common text smileys like :), :(, :, …
    • Removes double sequences from bodies like — ==
    • Settings what to do if there are more notifications at the time
    • Six Activator actions for quick access to the most used functions
    • Supports 36 voices
    • Notificator support (for more notifications)
    • Volume, speed and voice selection settings
    • Configurable options in Settings
    • Allowed time range and other configurable limits
    • Select apps for which to speak notifications
    • Works on every device with iOS 5+

    What it speaks:

    • map directions in Maps app
    • current time (every 15, 30 or 60 minutes)
    • e-mails
    • iMessages and SMS
    • app notifications
    • timers and alarms
    • battery levels (when the battery is under 10% or charging)
    • Notificator events

    Works great with Notificator!

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