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    Are you a “Sparrow” mail app user? do you prefer using it more than the classic Mail.app ? then this tweak is what you are looking for.
    This tweak enables push notifications for Sparrow mail and it makes it default mail app, for example when a tweak/app inject a new mail to open in mail.app this tweak makes it open in Sparrow mail app instead of that.

    – Be sure to enable Sparrow as default mail app in Settings.app -> Sparrow+
    – This doesn’t work with the injection that opens a mail sheet (like the one Cydia opens when contacting a dev), it does only work in the mail.app injection
    – For testing if the tweak does work, in Settings -> Sparrow+ turn the toggle on then press the “Contact” button down there

    To enable push or a timing push, go to Sparrow app -> Settings -> Your account, then choose how you’d like the push to work with Sparrow

    to remove the tweak, simply uninstall it

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