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Snes9x EX+

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    3.x or more
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    Advanced SNES emulator based on Snes9x 1.53 with near complete game compatibility, but uses more CPU power compared to the original Snes9x EX. Requires an ARMv7 iOS 5.0+ device and runs natively on the iPad.

    Transfer games to your device using SSH or other file transfer method (The recommended location is any directory under /var/mobile/Documents or /var/mobile/Media). Make sure the “mobile” user has write access to the directory for save functionality. If possible use a program that mounts your device over USB like iExplorer (Windows & OSX), or ifuse (Linux) to speed up transfers.

    Visit the homepage (below) at explusalpha.com for more info, ports for other platforms, and my other apps

    This package comes with no games included. Do not contact the author for ROM images. This is an emulator, and requires ROM images. No ROMs are included.

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