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    SMStamper allows you to view EVERY Read Confirmation time-stamp instead of defaulting to only show you the most recent Read Confirmation. Additional integration into Settings allows you to choose to have the LED flash upon a text being read, or even customize intervals of which to display stamps for those who still prefer a minimalist UI.


    • View EVERY Read time-stamp.
    • Configure intervals at which to display/hide Read stamps.
    • Toggle on/off.
    • Toggle LED flash upon Read confirmation on/off.
    • Categories: Paid Tweak, Tweaks

    One response to “SMStamper”

    1. disqus_kDTjtA2gsl says:

      This tweak is unreliable. There are many settings with inefficient explanations. The developer seems very annoyed when presented with requests for assistance, and often (re)directs people to (poorly written) instructions that can best be described as a wall of text.

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