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    Smartwatch+ enhances the experience of your Pebble smart watch. Smartwatch+ allows you to display additional information on your watch, such as weather, your iPhone’s battery status, current stock and Bitcoin prices, your current GPS location, and your latest calendar appointments. Additionally, you can control certain functions of your phone from the watch, such as launching the camera and taking pictures, controlling the phone’s volume and activating Siri. The functionality of the app is provided through the built-in Music app on the Pebble watch for now, as this is the only option without a proper SDK for two-way communication between the iPhone and the Pebble. As soon as the extended SDK is available, I will update Smartwatch+ to support it.
    Currently, 9 watch screens are available in Smartwatch+:

    • Status: shows weather information and iPhone battery status
    • Calendar: shows next appointment with time/date and location
    • Bitcoin: shows the current bitcoin exchange rate from motgx
    • Stocks: shows current stock price of a selected stock symbol
    • GPS: shows current location (either as lat/lon or street name), altitude or distance travelled, and current speed
    • Music: starts/stops the regular iPod music playback
    • Volume: control your iPhone’s playback volume
    • Camera: launch the built-in iPhone camera and take a picture
    • Siri: launch Siri from your watch

    For Siri functionality, the Tweak PebbleSiri will be installed automatically.

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    1. Armen M says:

      Would love to try this out; what’s the ETA on BigBoss?

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