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Simple Mode

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    Simple Mode cydia tweak allows you to access your favorite apps like never before!

    Simple Mode will make your top 5 most used applications available on your lock screen. The amount you use every application is recorded and then used to keep your favorite apps list up to date. Using beautiful animations your top 5 apps are displayed in nice round icons in a fan pattern across your lock screen. Just touch an icon to open that application. You can touch the little arrow icon to animate the icons away, or show them if they’re hidden.

    Another great feature is the ability to set an application to auto-open when you unlock your device. You can have this application open every time you unlock your device, or only if there was no other app opened when device was locked.

    Simple Mode is very customizable too. Using the settings you can: disable apps from being aloud in your top 5, re-arrange the order of your 5, and you can lock any application into a permanent spot as well.

    Simple Mode

    • Automatically keeps track of your top 5 most used apps and display them on your lock screen.
    • Auto-Animate your top 5 in when the lock screen is visible.
    • Re-arrange, disable, and lock in place any application (for your top 5).
    • Choose any application to Auto-Open when you unlock your device.
    • Auto-Open your set application every time you unlock your device, or just if there was no opened app when device got locked.
    • Beautiful animations.

    Simple Mode

    Configure options from Settings

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    2 responses to “Simple Mode”

    1. Nosleepherr says:

      It’s actually only $1.99, and I’m loving this tweak!

    2. Marcus says:

      Not working in IOS 7.1.2 anymore :-((((

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