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ShareGPS Client

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    iOS Version
    3.x or more
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    This is the CLIENT package. Install this on the device that needs to borrow another device’s GPS.
    Configure ShareGPS in the settings application!

    Have you got an iPhone, and an iPad WiFi with no GPS? Do you hate how the iPad WiFi is unable to locate you when you’re on the road?
    Use ShareGPS to share your iPhone’s GPS/GLONASS with your iPad!
    ShareGPS allows you to bring accurate Location Services to a device without GPS/GLONASS capability, allowing you to use those devices for more navigation in TomTom, Copilot, and other navigation apps.

    Suggested setup:
    ShareGPS Server on iPhone.
    ShareGPS Client on iPad WiFi.

    You can also install ShareGPS Client on an iPod touch if you wanted to share your location with a friend who is in the same car as you.

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