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    With ShakeAnimation you will never get annoyed of your iDevice!
    Go in Settings.app, choose the Activator action to enable the tweak, the animation parameters and enjoy!

    You can choose different effects:
    – Push (Top, down, left, right);
    – Cover (Top, down, left, right);
    – Flip (Top, down, left, right);
    – Cube (Top, down, left, right);
    – Reveal (Top, down, left, right);
    – 360 Rotation;
    – Curl up;
    – Curl down;
    – Ripple;
    – Suck;
    – Take photo;
    – Rotate.

    Also you can choose the duration of the animation, and the repetition of it.

    To use ShakeAnimation enable the tweak and shake your device while you are in Lockscreen or Homescreen (also in Folders and Spotlight).

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