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    SetScheduler cydia tweak allows you to perform actions on our planned devices such as: Shutdown, Restart, turn silent, bluetooth, wifi, airplane mode, location, and finally we can delete useless files such as log files, caches etc … we decide what time you should do these things ..

    If you have wifi active it will deactivate the same for all the action … if you have the bluetooth turned off the lights it, and if you turned it off and setscheduler applies to all actions.

    The last action deletes log files, caches, images of the app useless, empty the trash iFile for those who use it, etc. … You will see on the screen the file removed …

    Ability to repeat the actions of the repeat button..

    Whenever you need to click on save change to enable the tweak

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    1. Zebah says:

      It’s great

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