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Safari Download Enabler

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    5.x or more
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    Download and view* YouTube videos, multimedia, and files of all types from Safari, using Apple’s native downloading capabilities!

    Supports simultaneous and background downloading, custom downloads (such as documents generated on form submission), and downloading from most online file-hosting services. A user-agent faker may be necessary to download files from sites that detect and disallow downloads from MobileSafari.

    Configurable options in Settings include:
    * Show/hide the “Add to Reading List” and “Save Image” menu options
    * Download in background
    * Save automatically: automatically bring up Finder when downloads complete
    * Delete after saving: automatically close the download landing page after saving the downloaded file

    Hidden features in Finder:
    * To save a downloaded file by a different name, tap and hold the Save button
    * To cut, copy, view, or open files, tap and hold on them to pull up the menu
    * To paste/move/rename files after copying them, tap on the title bar
    * To quickly navigate back to /var/mobile, tap and hold the back button

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