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RSAP Bluetooth

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    This system extension provides rSAP (remote SIM Access Protocol) Bluetooth profile support for iPhones 4S and 5 running iOS 5 and 6 only. Remote SIM Access allows car telephone systems to take over the SIM card in your mobile phone in a way that you can use the cars antenna and speakerphone set while driving. The tweak uses Bluetooth Companion package by Matthias Ringwald and is therefore perfectly integrated with the IOS Bluetooth stack and its services, meaning you can for example use PBAP for phonebook access and A2DP for wireless audio transmission in parallel

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    4 responses to “RSAP Bluetooth”

    1. Henry says:

      Download/installation is free, but afterwards it says it’s a 10 days trial licence only!?

      To receive permanent access you need to order a licence key with cost… :-(

    2. Fabio says:

      Tweak doesn’t work, support doesn’t answer…

    3. 919263 says:

      Just Paid $ 1.99, cannot even download it…

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