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Ringing Pocket

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    Ringing Pocket cydia tweak makes your phone ring louder when inside pocket or bag.

    Do not miss any more calls when your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is in your pocket, bag or backpack! Ringing Pocket increases the ringing volume of the incoming calls if it detects that your device is in your pocket. And as soon as you take the device out of the pocket, the original ringer volume will be restored.

    You can choose how loud should the phone ring while inside a pocket, should it become louder immediately or after a couple of rings and if the volume should be increased at all if the phone is in the horizontal position (e.g. on a nightstand) to avoid louder ringing during the night.

    Facetime calls are also supported.

    Mute switch and Do Not Disturb mode are not affected, both will function as usual.

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