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RingerX Lite

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    iOS Version
    6.x or more
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    This is the lite version of RingerX VIP.
    Customize ringing and vibration behavior of: Calls, Text Messages, MMSs, Emails and Notifications.
    Make your phone ring for certain contacts and apps even if your device is muted; or silent them forever.
    Assign tones and vibrations to notifications on an per app basis.
    Among other limitations, the Lite version is missing the awesome Temporary Mute feature which can be used to mute your devise for exactly the time you want.


    For Notifications of Apps

    • Custom tones
    • Custom vibrations
    • Always Silent
    • Ignore Mute
    • Always Vibrate
    • Settings in Preferences.app

    For Contacts and Groups

    • Always Silent
    • Custom volume for when ringer is enabled
    • Ignore if your iPhone is muted
    • Custom volume if the mute state is being ignored
    • Always Vibrate
    • Custom vibrations for calls and messages + emails
    • Assing individual tones
    • Create settings for blocked/anonymous phone numbers
    • Fully integrates into iOS
    • Full support for unified/linked Contacts
    • Settings in the Phone and Contacts application
    • Indicators to easily find important settings
    • Section in Preferences.app with further information
    • SBSettings Toggle
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