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Ringer & Tones

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    Ringer & Tones cydia tweak allows you to customize ringing and vibration behavious for apps (notifications), calls, text messages, MMSs, Emails and iMessages on a contact/app basis. You decide for which contact or app your device should ring and/or vibrate as well as choose tones and create/assign new vibrations.

    Includes an Activator-enabled Temporary Mute feature. Mute your iPhone for a defined period of time after which all tones will turned back on again. Never forget to re-enable the ringer after a meeting or going to the movies.

    Ringer & Tunes is very powerful and also extends Apple’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature.

    Ringer & Tones

    • Temporary Mute Feature – never forget to to switch your iPhone back to loud again.
    • Create new Vibrations in an easy way
    • For Notifications of Apps

    • Custom tones
    • Custom vibrations
    • Always Silent
    • Ignore Mute
    • Always Vibrate
    • Obey or ignore Do Not Disturb
    • For Contacts and Groups

    • Always Silent
    • Custom volume for when ringer is enabled
    • Ignore if your iPhone is muted
    • Custom volume if the mute state is being ignored
    • Always Vibrate
    • Custom vibrations for calls and messages + emails
    • Assing individual tones
    • Create settings for blocked/anonymous phone numbers
    • Obey or ignore Do Not Disturb
    • Fully integrates into iOS
    • Full support for unified/linked Contacts
    • Settings in the Phone and Contacts application
    • Indicators to easily find important settings
    • Section in Settings app with further information
    • SBSettings Toggle
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