Mobee Magic Charger

Thanks to the folks at Mobee Technology, I had the opportunity to unbox and review the Mobee Magic Charger.

Mobee Magic Charger

For those of you who are not familiar with Mobee, they have been improving over the last few years the way you use your Apple products – by creating amazing, eco-friendly products. Mobee Magic Charger allows you to wirelessly charge your Magic Mouse just by placing it on the inductive charger.

The packaging itself says a lot about this product and the attention to detail can be found in small things, such as the magnetic part of the box. This allows you to easily open it and have a look at the product faster.

Magic Mouse magnetic package

But as much as we care about how the products look, we care more about how they work. So here`s what comes with your Mobee Charger, by default:

  • A charging cable for the Magic Charger
  • The charger station
  • Mobee battery pack

Magic Mouse package contents

You can feel the quality when you touch any of these 3 items. The charger station has slim lines, it`s super light and it blends in perfectly with any desk. It even looks amazing without the Magic Mouse.

Even though you will find a sticker on the charger station that says your Mac will only detect the battery level to 70%-80%, my Macbook Pro Retina 13″ says it`s 100%.

Magic Mouse battery level warning

So if you are experiencing this, don`t worry. It`s all about the battery pack capacity. As long as you can wirelessly charge your batteries, you won`t have to worry about their level anymore.

Magic Mouse battery level 100%

Overall, I believe this is a must have if you are using a Magic Mouse. It usually drains 2 batteries on a two-weeks usage time and it tends to get really annoying to charge them every time.

Below, you can find our unboxing video with first impressions on the product and a link for you to buy the Magic Charger from Amazon.

Buy Mobee Magic Charger

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