Aero Case from Urban Armor Gear

Thanks to the folks at Urban Armor Gear, I had the opportunity to unbox and review the Aero case for iPhone 5/5S.

Urban Armor Gear Aero Case for iPhone 5/5S

The first feel that you get when you see the UAG case is that it can take a bullet with ease. I`m pretty sure that this is not the case, but it still looks sick and protects your iDevice.

Urban Armor Gear Aero Case for iPhone 5/5S

As it`s mentioned on the company website and on the box itself, the case is scratch resistant and it`s built from a feather-light composite material, that makes it really light.

If you were wondering, 2 materials are used on this bad boy: something that seems like a hard plastic and a TPU rubber material (the honeycomb structure from the inside of the case). Blended together, you get this amazing case that you can buy from their website for $35 or from Amazon for $25. As I`m posting this, they offer free worldwide shipping, so that`s a plus.

Urban Armor Gear Aero Case for iPhone 5/5S

The cuts for buttons are perfect. So are the ones for the microphone, speaker and even for the camera. Your device will be 100% protected, because this case also comes with a clear-case screen protector for the front of your device.

Urban Armor Gear Aero Case for iPhone 5/5S

Pro tip: you can place your iPhone face-down on any surface, because the UAG case adds a bit of protection for that. I won`t guarantee that in case of a front drop it won`t break your screen, but chances are to protect it.

You should definitely try this case! It`s not that expensive considering all the protection and cool look that it adds to your iDevice.

Our unboxing video:

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