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    RetroRearmed is a feature-ruch multi system emulator based on RetroArch and libretro.
    Best of all, it’s opensource and free!
    RetroRearmed brings you the following emulators all in one free emulator:

    • Arcade
    • Sony Playstation 1
    • Game Boy / Game Boy Color
    • Game Boy Advance
    • Neo Geo Pocket
    • NES / Famicom
    • Nintendo DS
    • Cave Story
    • PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16
    • PrBoom (DOOM)
    • Sega Master System
    • Sega Game Gear
    • Sega Genesis / Master Drive
    • Sega CD
    • Super Nintedo
    • Virtual Boy
    • WonderSwan (Color)

    No need to look for a bunch of different emulators in a bunch of different apps.
    Simply use RetroRearmed!
    RetroRearmed supports the Cydia package BTStack for external controllers!
    Now you can use the WiiMote, iCade, and even PS3 controllers!
    Lots more to come!

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